So Not A Rondo

Monday, May 6, 2019
John Cage Would Be so Proud

I dunno; maybe it's Monday. Maybe I'm too old to live. Or maybe I'm a little more tuned in to my surroundings than usual. (John Cage would be so proud - for 4½ minutes, anyway.)

It's Spring, and the birds are all over it, am I right? The eastern sky has just turned that wonderful pale blue and the sun has not yet popped up its beautiful head. I’m listening to the perpetual declaratives of the flocks around me outside, and I’m having some difficulty focusing on my monitor. It’s a beautiful sound they’re making and I feel happy - content, anyway - to be a part of this moment. I relax and let it settle in.

Yesterday I watched a grackle hen strolling about our backyard, pecking at whatever she ran across. She seemed to be playing hard to get as a male strutted and posed, rustling his feathers and calling out with impassioned announcements. But at one point, one of his moves seemed a little sudden and the hen flew off. I couldn’t help but chuckle as befuddlement flooded his now-stilled countenance.

It’s spring, and I now recall once feeling as he apparently does; and I realize suddenly that my mind has wandered off.

The sun is now up, and certain realities are creeping back into my purview. I return my attention to the monitor and embrace once again the day’s tasks.

A spring morning; it was nice, for a moment.

John who?

April 26, 2019

From our "Did NOT See THAT Coming" Department:

The Song of Solomon, that raciest of all books of the Bible, spends so much of its time giving the King and his Bride free reign to describe their love for each other. Amidst all the sometimes quite intimate expressions of love, there's THIS: (He speaks) “Thou art beautiful, O my love, as Tirzah, comely as Jerusalem, fearsome as an army with banners."

Hmmm. Maybe there really is "nothing new under  the sun." (Solomon again, Ecclesiastes 1:9)

So Not a Rondo

Right. It's my blog. Craig Ferguson once said that a book is like a blog only bigger. Well, I could write a book, because I have so many stories. So I thought I would wander cheaply into the world of blogging.

You won't be able to comment here. On the other hand you are probably here only because I posted a link to this page on social media - and THERE you certainly can comment.

July 9, 2018

I have to begin my blogging journey by telling you about a friend of mine, a former student with one of the sharpest minds I've ever encountered. I HAVE to tell you about her because she's the original author of the phrase "So not a Rondo." It's not MINE, it's HERS. Well, actually hers was more like "Sooooo not a Rondo," but that doesn't look nearly as good in print as it sounds out loud, "live" and in person.

I first heard the phrase when she was in Sophomore Music Theory at Wayland Baptist University. She and some of her classmates created a pretty special theatre piece for the class. At some point, when (obviously) the "cast" was discussing the form of a certain composition, she dropped that sentence - and I remember just losing it. It was one of those perfect lines at the perfect moment. I've never forgotten it.

It was almost as perfect as when, in a show called "Musical Mayhem," one of three students who were playing roles having to do with criminal justice (sort of), suddenly froze and asked the other two, "Wait. You didn't see LaFors out there, did you?" "La Fors? No." "*Whew* For  moment there I thought we were really in trouble." That not-veiled-at-all reference to "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" powerfully coerced a fit of laughter out of me. It was hilarious. And (if I may take a moment just to boast a bit about my own intellectual capacities, seein' as how I'm about to denigrate them a bit!) I was the only one laughing. And that surprised the live actors who remained frozen, unsure as to why, after 5 other performances, someone was finally laughing at that line: someone - just ONE - but someone.

I laughed as much at "So Not a Rondo," maybe more because at least others got THAT punch line and I didn't feel so all alone and awkward this time!

I considered calling this page "So not a Blog" but, well, obviously it IS a blog. Then I thought about "So Not a Form" or "So Not a Formal" and then went much further into weirdness after that. So let's give credit where credit is due. Rachel's line is far more betterer than my brain can come up with. In fact she could no doubt improve on the grammar of that sentence betterer than me. Rachel, I hereby ("form"ally! lol) appropriate your intellectual property. Your intellect is so far superior to mine. I yield, and I confess: "Yours is the superior intellect." (Name THAT "veiled" reference, right?). You continue to prove it with your successes up there in the north. You go girl! I'm happy I got to share in your development in our discipline.

Finally, let it forever be noted that I am not above extolling the brilliance of brains that are greater than mine. And I apparently will gladly appropriate any brilliance that I believe could suit my own purposes, right?

Good Day!