Scores for my recorded works

The composer's original scores, available for immediate download!

Released January 8, 2021

As recorded on Navona Records American Ivory, Catalog #: NV6328

Sheet music for the six works of mine on this album are available.

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Meditation for Piano

Original Sheet Music for Solo Piano. 
Also for Violin and Piano. (two keys)


Original Sheet Music for Solo Piano.    
Also available for String Orchestra

Guide to Holiday Shopping

Picture yourself contentedly crossing off items on your gift list as you wend your way through throngs of holiday shoppers.
Also available for
• Woodwind Ensemble
• String Quartet 

Camp Springs

Dedicated to that sense of home
with which all of us endow
a certain community.
The simple tune speaks of joy and contentment, with a hint of nostalgia such as might be experienced by those whose hometown is not their current address.


An advanced work for solo piano, Passacaglia adheres to traditions established for works in this genre, including Bach's Passacaglia in C Minor (BWV582) and contemporary works by Walter Piston and Samuel Barber.


Composed after similar character pieces by Liszt, Chopin, and so many others,

A subtle rustling moves throughout a quiet stillness., while triumphant declarations of hope and promise are adorned with flourish and embellishment

Released May 27, 2022

As recorded on Navona Records  Figments Vol. 3, Catalog #: NV6419

Piccolo & Chalumeau original score and parts are available.

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