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A cluttered and somewhat unkempt dorm room in a university Residence Hall.

Stage right: an unmade bed
Stage center, upstage: an office chair
Stage left: a student desk

Wall posters abound, as do many signs of life, especially snack foods, beverages - and laundry!
Three university coeds:

STEPHANIE, a soprano
awaits an online posting of grades
from one particular professor.

JENNIFER, a mezzo-soprano
is unhappy about the plans
her boyfriend has made for them;

JESSICA, an alto
seeks permission from her father
for a weekend trip.
As the opera opens:
Stephanie is on the bed, stage right, her laptop computer open; she is intent.

Jennifer is snugly tucked into the office chair texting on her cell phone.

Jessica sits at the desk speaking sotto voce on her cell phone.
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