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"At Fiesta Texas, the kids were going around
humming the third movement
(and so was I)"

Aimee Evans, Music and Band, Summit Christian Academy, Cedar Park, TX, about "King Solomon Suite" for Young Band.

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Cover image, box, King Solomon Suite for Young Band
King Solomon

For Young Band

Catalog Number 831-006
Set: Score and parts
Conductor's Score
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6 Flutes
2 Oboes
6 Bb Clarinets I
6 Bb Clarinets II
1 Alto Clarinet
2 Bass Clarinets
2 Bassoons
3 Alto Saxophone I & II
2 Bb Tenor Saxophone
1 Eb Baritone Saxophone

6 Bb Trumpets I
6 Bb Trumpets II
6 Horns in F
6 Trombones
3 Euphoniums T.C.
3 Euphoniums B.C.
4 Tubas

1 Mallet Percussion
1 Triangle
1 Tambourine
1 Snare Drum, Bass Drum